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Mount Nicholson Provate Residence - 8 Mount Nicholson Road, The Peak, Hong Kong has achieved Provisional Gold Rating under the BEAM PLUS V1.1 for New Buildings. AEC is the BEAM consultant for the project.

HKU Centennial Campus - Pokfulam, Hong Kong has successfully achieved LEED FOR THE NEW CONSTRUCTION - PLATINUM rating under the LEED Green Building rating system estabilished by the U.S. Green Building Conucil, verfified by the Green Building Certification Institute. AEC is the LEED consultant for the project.



The organization
Allied Environmental Consultants Limited (AEC) is an independent consultancy engaged in the field of acoustics and environmental engineering.
Our innovative Allied Building Workshop (ABW) have assisted many international developers and architects in developing their sustainable designs.
We are based in Hong Kong, and have representative office in Shanghai, PRC. serving the governments and private sectors.
The company operates as a multi-disciplinary amalgamation of resources and the professional expertise of the organization as a whole is available to work on any particular project irrespective of its location.
As a result, AEC enjoys a reputation for quality, innovation and professionalism in all aspects of its work.






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